Monday, 10 October 2011

What would you cut 2.0

So annoyed with the flawed premise put forward by the leader of Oxfordshire County Council I have decided to put another few graphs together showing the adult social care budget, library budget and some other areas of spending from CIPFA submissions and the > £500 spending data.

Here is the library service spend with the adult social care spend:

The library service with other areas of spend in OCC. The last two are the cuts to the rural libraries and city.

And zooming in further the cuts to the rural and city libraries under their proposal.

And Keith's line is there has to be cuts to social care if cuts are not made in the library service. Are you sure Keith? The back office spend on libraries, internal library recharge, redacted spending, mobile phones, consultants and expenses etc are all running at 100% efficiency?  Really?

And as we have already proved thanks to "elf and safety" forcing volunteers to run the rural libraries won't actually save the 350k, the training required for the volunteers and the 60k volunteer coordinator mean the proposals actually make a loss every year.

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