Friday, 18 November 2011

The Aftermaths: The epic failure of epic epicness

I had a FOI come back today that confirmed the other expenditure figures. If Keith and his Conservative colleagues vote this proposal through it will represent everything Tories say they are against. The back office cost of running the library will be the same as the front line if not higher. If a chain of retailers had 42 shops that cost them 4.5 million to run. You can be sure the costs of management, HR, IT etc in head office wouldn't cost 4.5 million. But this is the library service if the proposal goes through:

This really is an EPIC fail. There is no other words to describe it. If OCC keep making efficiencies like this we will have to all join the party and start referring to each other as comrade. The service is suppose to exist for the benefit of the taxpayers who pay for it not as a jobs program that provides a limited service to users.

Don't forget this hasn't factored in the 1000 volunteers, they all have to be trained and coordinated by their volunteer coordinator on 60-70k a year. This is going to cost in total 438k pa.

I am so very, very angry. This proposal is a complete and utter failure in every single way. No wonder the county is in the state it is in if public services and regulation are managed by politicians in this way.

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. 
Sir Winston Churchill

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