Sunday, 8 July 2012

Go Compare!

OCC have posted the job application for the volunteer coordinator. The salary is £34,549-£37,206 per year.  Below are the word counts:

Nine pages and 2393 words per unpaid volunteer and six pages and 1208 words for the 34-36k coordinator. The job spec for the community libraries co-ordinator is so choc full of meaningless jargon it almost makes my brain bleed. Here is a wordle thing for both with the volunteer role on the left and the jargon rich coordinator on the right:

OCC still don't have the answer to how many volunteers are required. Calculations done by the friends groups earlier and one I did come out anywhere between 500-1000 to cover the cut hours. The volunteers who have to do all the work are not getting any expenses unlike all the other council volunteers and the friends groups will have to fund the CRB checks. The council will pay for all the volunteers to receive health and safety/fire marshal etc training which OCC claim is only going to cost £19.75 per volunteer per year, which is clearly nonsense. Since the councillor in Surrey recently admitted their scheme doesn’t save money and the Oxfordshire County Council scheme clearly doesn’t either you wonder why they are still going ahead with this nonsense. I'm going to volunteer for the library coordinators job instead as it is clearly the role that requires less skill and training and I won't have to put up with the meaningless management speak.

Link to the OCC volunteer coordinator:

Link to the volunteer job spec:

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