Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Nexus 7, The BBC Flash whores & books are not dead yet

Firstly the Nexus (N7) and it’s amazing, fits perfectly in one hand, has the power of a high end tablet so it plays all the best games and Jelly Bean while not much of an update on ICS is still fantastic, really slick.

A moron who needs a slap

 The lack of a SD port is a tiny issue if you go for the 8gb like I did but since I have most things in the cloud (Gmail, spotify, flickr etc) The only stuff I install locally that will fill up the disk will be the games. Since even the biggest ones at over a gig can download and install in 30 mins I don’t see it as an issue. The other negative issues on the blogs and reviews (lack of hdmi, only a facing camera) are all both not a problem for me. I have an Xbox I can stream to and has iplayer, love film, netflicks etc if I want to put video on.  And anyone who walks round taking pictures of stuff with a tablet needs a slap, its not a camera. I have installed a few games, Batman, Spiderman and GTA 3 and they all run great. It’s amazing what computing power you can have in your tiny hands these days. I have tried using it for reading e-books and thanks to the amazing screen the text is pin sharp and the eyes don’t tire like they do when reading books on a laptop. The below image (very hi res) is from the non-spanking version of Pride and Prejudice:

Screen quality is up with the Ipads "rectal display"

There are problems however that means I still prefer paper books:

  • I read in the bath, I couldn’t take this in the bath.
  • When I read in bed I often fall asleep and drop the book onto the floor, cannot risk it with this
  • The cost of e-books is taking the piss a bit, most of the e-books you can get the paperbacks for about the same price, this included postage. Publishers/retailers must think we’re thick.
  •  No good in sunlight, I understand the kindle is but then that’s no good in the dark either

Which means although I probably will read some books on this thing, it proves an e-book doesn’t fit my reading habits.
The other thing that annoys me is the lack of iplayer. The BBC in their wisdom decided to go all in with flash a few years ago. Everyone said that it was stupid, most of the androids at the time were arm 6 processors and because of how poor the mobile flash player proved to be adobe decided to lock those devices out. Only the very expensive androids could get the iplayer. Of course the BBC fell all over themselves to provide a non-flash player for Ipad, but for unknown reasons they didn’t allow the html 5 streams they setup for ipad to be used by anyone else. Some community coders wrote a couple of apps that used some of the BBC’s non flash streams (Myplayer and Beebplayer) but Auntie rather than license these homebrew efforts deployed the lawyers and these great apps were withdrawn.
Adobe came to realise that their power hungry player was unsuited to mobile and decided to discontinue support. Android version 4 and above doesn’t work with flash player and because the BBC decided to lock themselves in are looking like pillocks. At least this means that they have to get their fingers out and start supporting all the licence fee payers and come up with a non-flash app for android, hopefully one that will run on the cheapest of arm 6 phones and not be locked down to android 4 or greater. They are working on such a thing they say:

Adobe announced it months ago

But when that will be released who knows, I suspect it depends on how quickly the Nexus 7 starts being used by the upper management at the BBC.

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